Repair of hydraulic drawer

Repair of hydraulic drawer

In a hydraulic project targeting a malfunctioning drawer on a production platform, SubC demonstrated its expertise in testing, troubleshooting, and repairing hydraulic systems. While maintaining client confidentiality, our focus is on the impactful solution we provided, and the methodical approach taken to address the issue.

Challenge: The hydraulic bucket system on the drilling platform exhibited faults, necessitating a swift and effective resolution.

SubC's solution: Our team engaged in a comprehensive process of testing, troubleshooting, and repairing the hydraulic drawer system to ensure optimal functionality.

Diagnostic testing
: Conducted thorough diagnostic tests to identify specific faults within the hydraulic drawer system.
Valve Replacement: Addressed identified issues by replacing a malfunctioning valve crucial to the system's performance.
Adjustment and Calibration: Precisely adjusted all other valves within the system to optimize their functionality and alignment.
Pressure testing: Conducted a rigorous pressure test to validate the effectiveness of the repairs and adjustments.
Result: The replacement of the faulty valve and meticulous adjustments to others, combined with a successful pressure test, restored the hydraulic drawer system to peak performance.

This case highlights SubC's proficiency in diagnosing and resolving hydraulic system issues for production applications.

Our systematic approach ensures that hydraulic components, even on critical production platforms, are promptly repaired and restored to optimal working conditions.

Repair of hydraulic bucket 1

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