EPCI projects

We are specialized in executing customized EPCI solutions

SubC Partner has a long track record optimizing and improving offshore.

We take on full execution of EPCI projects on offshore platforms, rigs, and floating production units. Further, we provide services to the offshore wind industry. We ensure a functional, high-quality solution while also accelerating project execution.

We take full project ownership and ensure that your project is well-managed and delivered on time and within budget. Your project will be headed by one of our experienced project managers, who will carefully monitor interfaces and transitions between the phases to prevent delays and misunderstandings.



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  • Facilities located at the port of Esbjerg
  • Water depth 10.3 m
  • 150-ton lifting capacity

We have developed special Welding Procedure Specifications and Qualifications Records (WPS/WPQR), which can reduce time and cost.


Our engineering capabilities have evolved with the need and challenges facing the energy industry. With engineering and fabrication taking place at the same location, we have an ideal basis  for the exchange of ideas while at the same time reducing the risk of re-work.


Our construction team is headed by our skilled supervisors, who ensures project completion in a safe and efficient manner. From the early stage of the project, SubC focuses on the planning and preparation of the construction activities. Fabrication works are closely monitored by our construction supervisors, who participate in Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of equipment. Before shipping the equipment to the work site, everything is inspected and controlled.


Our engineers and procurement specialists work closely together ensuring swift resolution of technical queries and proper management of logistics for long lead items.



Our engineers and technicians ensure that we bring the required know-how to each project. Further, we ensure that our team is well-prepared before going offshore, and thereby minimizing the time and cost of offshore operation.