Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)

At SubC Partner, we are committed to achieving a QHSE performance that we can be proud of. We promote a culture that continuously improves our QHSE performance, where our objectives are:

  • Zero Lost Time Injuries
  • Zero Long-term sick
  • Zero Damage to the environment
  • Zero complaints

In order to reach these objectives, we have implemented formal policies and procedures for both employees and contractors. The policies and procedures define SubC's approach to identifying, managing and monitoring risks.


Safety first

In order to create a strong safety culture, SubC's products and services are designed, manufactured, and installed in accordance with the requirements. Through training and testing, our employees are aware of how to deal with challenges, to ensure and improve the quality of our tasks

Aligning the QHSE-cultures

We strive to align the QHSE-culture between the customer, contractor, and sub-contractor, where we put an effort into ensuring that all involved partners have the required level of education and execute it by the required level of competence.