Development of
custom-made seals

Epoxy injection at the Culzean platforms in UK – the second phase of the project 

After the installation of the three Total-operated Culzean platforms, Total discovered movements of several caissons within the support guides.

To ensure a long lifetime for the caissons, it was decided to fill up the gaps to prevent fatigue in the caissons or the supporting structure.

We were contacted by Total to engineer a solution. 

The second phase includes the continuation of the installation of wedges and pumping resin into the gap between the guide funnels and caissons as well as the reinforcement welding on the three platforms.

A special way of sealing

Three of the guides require a special way of sealing the caisson openings, for the epoxy injection.

A 1:1 mock-up was conducted at our workshop in Esbjerg to verifying the design of the custom-made seals. First, it was partially filled, and next top filled with water. This was done to check leaks at the spill tray area and the top hat.

The second phase of the project will be finished this summer.

The first phase of the project has been performed in 2018, read the full case