IRM and Installation

From the seabed to the topside in an innovative and cost-effective way

Inspections, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) - from the seabed to the topside

Our team can execute inspections, repair, and maintenance work from inside and out the transition piece on jacket structures such as NDT, thickness measurements, and inspections using ROV and divers.

If heavy repair work is required on the transition piece, monopole, or jacket construction, we can mobilize all necessary trades required for the work to be carried out including any kind of support vessels.

On top site constructions and installations, we can deliver complete solutions for all types of maintenance ranging from large maintenance projects to hiring out manpower. Associated services: project management, subsea engineering, marine services and vessels.

We support all phases in an IRM project; from study to execution and final documentation.

Read the case: Boat landing installation and paint repair campaign

Hands-on assistance

We are an experienced service provider and thereby able to deliver turnkey solutions from initiating studies to final handover. We provide highly efficient and contemporary solutions for your project needs and have the resources to execute all works with our multidisciplinary team of project managers and engineers.


At SubC Partner, we are committed to achieving an HSEQ performance that we can be proud of. Lifting plans, SJA, toolbox talk etc. are therefore always a part of our projects.