Diamond Wire Cutter performing circumferential cuts

Our Diamond Wire Cutter performing circumferential cuts on the Tyra East C platform.

Our Diamond Wire Cutter is well-suited for decommissioning of caissons, tubular structures etc. It removes surplus steel structure from the tubulars at a fixed distance leaving a minimal drag profile and thereby limiting the wave affected forces on the structure.

On the Tyra East C platform, we performed the first circumferential cuts and removed steel structure from a tubular. The removal was done safely and controlled; one section at a time. The circumferential cuts were executed in the splash zone, which presents a unique set of challenges.

In the splash zone, waves and structure-induced currents are constantly occurring. This makes works more difficult to perform using traditional methods, like rope access and diving. To solve the bulk of these issues, we have developed The Jacket Crawler system which allows access to the structure without having personnel in the splash zone.

We can handle the steel structure after cutting and bring it to a safe position on the platform using our special grabber tool.