ATEX Zone 2
version of JibFlex

Specially designed for hazardous areas, we are excited to present an ATEX version of JibFlex. 

This basically means that this JibFlex is explosion-proof, and therefore safely can be located where there is the risk of an explosive atmosphere.

This JibFlex is a JF 150-7:

  • 33 modules
  • Working radius at 7m
  • WLL is 150 kg

Module 1 is grounded to a top Anchoring point and module 33 is connected with ground wire to a lifting device.

The equal ground potential between modules is achieved by connecting 4mm2 flexible copper wire between all 33 modules.

Designed as a highly durable and flexible solution, JibFlex improve lifting operations and make workplaces a safer place. 

Go to JibFlex to see more details about the JibFlex.

Photos from the test assembly, before packing the order to the customer - a chemical factory in Germany.