Concrete blocks

As part of the expansion of the port of Hanstholm, an underwater inspection showed that five concrete blocks on the western side of the port did not lie against the pier head. 

SubC was contacted to carry out further inspection, and the lack of volume between the concrete blocks and the pier head was measured systematical. We performed the scanning, analyzed the data, and made drawings.

The analysis formed the basis of five new, unique wedge-shaped concrete blocks to fill the lack of volume, each with a weight of 25 tons. All the blocks were suspended at the same angle as the existing blocks and in line with the construction.

After the installation last year, the customer wrote: 

“A fine piece of work you did for us in Hanstholm, and your cooperation with us was very appreciated. Great to gain insight into some of the technologies/services SubC Partner offers. I hope to continue our collaboration in the future.”