The Robotic Crawler System

Working in the splash zone presents
a unique set of challenges

Don't let the weather control you

The Robotic Crawler is designed as a Remote Operated Tool Platform, with endless possibilities of attaching tools and equipment, such as; manipulator arm, cleaning equipment for marine growth, thickness measurement probes, eddy current testing of welds, cutting tools, sandblasting and painting etc.

Working in the splash zone presents a unique set of challenges. In this zone waves and structure-induced currents are constantly occurring. This makes works more difficult to perform using traditional methods, like rope access and diving. To solve the bulk of these issues, we have developed The Robotic Crawler system which allows access to the structure without having personnel in the splash zone.

The Robotic Crawler can hook on to the structure and safely travel to the required position where it can perform the needed work. Once in position, the tool package is activated, and the job is carried out from a stable platform even with waves flooding the unit every few seconds.

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The system requires a minimum of resources and space on the platform and the remote controls allow for operation in a safe position and without the need for a support vessel. We believe this can solve all challenges that currently is solved using rope access or divers.

Robotic Crawler, Ready to launch from platform

Control container, Robotic Crawler


The Crawler is designed based on our extensive ROV experience. It is capable of supplying both control signals, electrical power, and hydraulic power to the tool interface. The crawler may also be equipped with guides and containers for additional storage or safety. 

Robotic Crawler

Control container, Robotic Crawler

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