SubC strengthen collaboration with Norsea

Come new year, SubC will take over NorSea's manufacturing division.

After a year of increased collaboration on major contact negotiations, NorSea has opted to sell its forging division Steel & Paint in Esbjerg, Denmark to SubC.
This comes after considering several benefits, including a mutual benefit from consolidation, all clarified during the intense collaboration between SubC and NorSea: "In SubC, we have found a buyer who values the approach of a competent staff and sees potential in an attractive order book," says NorSea CEO, Jesper Høj-Hansen: “We know SubC as a skilled partner. With the transfer of Steel & Paint to SubC, we will expand an already well-functioning collaboration; ensure that our colleagues continue to have a good workplace and that our customers get the quality they have come to expect,” he says.

New markets
For several years, SubC and NorSea have collaborated on maintenance projects and logistics, among otherthings.
"We both face major tasks in the field of energy, not least derived from the growth of green energy," says,SubC CEO Tonny Klein:“There is a great demand in the market for experience in building process plants and equipment. We want to keep and further develop these competencies in the industry, as it is very difficult to acquire outside of Esbjerg. Thus, Steel & Paint fits in well with SubC’s set up,” he says:
“We look forward to welcoming a very skilled staff, which over the past year has shown lots of competence and drive. In addition, we see an exciting opportunity in servicing the current customer base and in creating new relationships,” says Tonny Klein.
He also looks forward to further expanding the collaboration with NorSea.
“There will be considerable synergy effects for us and in the collaboration with NorSea in the future. NorSea will continue to have full access to a competent manufacturing division, and we will have access to NorSea's global set up and the opportunity to be part of NorSea's one-stop-shop concept,” he says.

In connection with the change, Container Management and four employees will be moved from Steel & Paint to NorSea's supply base. 24 employees in NorSea's manufacturing will all continue under the new ownership in SubC.

Sales are effective from the turn of the year.