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Offering an innovative and flexible approach to providing engineered solutions to the Oil & Gas industry.

SubC Partner offer engineering, fabrication and all offshore services including inspection, reparation, maintenance, and installation from the seabed and up. Our extensive experience in engineering and project management ensures that you get the maximum value.

In order to create a strong safety culture, SubC's products and services are designed, manufactured, and installed in accordance with the requirements. Through training and testing, our employees are aware of how to deal with challenges, to ensure and improve the quality of our tasks. 

Products and Services

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Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy

We are certified Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) specialists. Learn more about the advantages of GRE.

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Structural steel

Experienced fabricator of complex topside and subsea structures. Structures of the highest standards.

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Inconel Cladding

A significant track-record delivering Inconel cladding solutions for the Offshore industry.

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Access systems

We design and produce a wide portfolio of high strength and low weight aluminium gangways.

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Process Equipment

With our ability to perform pressure tests in-house, we are able to cover the entire value adding manufacturing chain.

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Aluminium structures

We design, fabricate and install aluminium solutions for use in harsh environments.

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Riser Buoyancy Module Repair

In a short time, we can develop a concept, carry out detailed design work, and manufacturer a system.

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IRM and Installation

From the seabed to the topside in an innovative and cost-effective way. We support all phases in your project.

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Subsea Construction

Small demobilising, decommissioning, recovery, and survey tasks to complete pipe lay, trenching, PLEM, PLET, etc.

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Anode Repair Solution

Our advanced concept is developed to repair cathodic protection for submerged structures.

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EPCI projects

We ensure a functional, high-quality solution while also accelerating project execution.

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ROV services

Efficient inspections and other ROV services to raise the level of safety, reduce costs and vessel traffic.

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