SubC awarded the mechanical scope of TA on Crossbridge Energy


In June 2021, SubC was awarded the mechanical scope of the planned Turnaround on Crossbridge Energy Refinery in Fredericia. We have spent 3 months planning and preparing to ensure a safe and well-planned Turnaround.
In a turnaround, the plant (or part of the process) is taken out of production to inspect and maintain or exchange process equipment.

Scope of work

SubC's scope was the mechanical scope which also was the main scope of the TA, the scope consisted of:
·  Isolating components
·  Disassembling the equipment
·  Assembling, repairing of welding
·  Pressure testing
In addition to the site works, SubC’s project team took part in the project management, planning and preparation in cooperation with the management team of the refinery TA team.

Preparation phase included 

·  Ensuring a safe working environment
·  Management of personnel, tools, and supervision
·  Preparation of work packages
·  Reporting

Safety, quality, and delivery

During the campaign, which was intensively for 2 weeks, we were praised for our led safety culture as well as for keeping our workspace nice and tidy. The campaign was executed without any recordable incidents and on time.
The second phase of the scope is to be initiated in spring 2022 when the campaign is to be completed.
We thank our employees for a successful TA and a job well done. Even in the most hectic hours, you kept on going and kept the spirit high.