We are serious about constantly improving SubC


Being a part of the Next Step Challenge process has resulted in an optimized strategy. The most beneficial learnings we gained from the process was the sparring from a board of experienced industry leaders.

In that connection, we would like to give thanks to Verner Andersen, Jesper Høj-Hansen and Mads Kirkegaard (not present in the picture) for their competent feedback. You challenged our strategies, supported our dreams and was an excellent advisory board.

During the process, we brought focus on our Robotic Crawler as our goal is to eliminate the human risk by changing work procedure.

In the picture, you see parts for 10 new crawlers in production. The largest can hook onto tubular structure being 3 meters in diameter. These will be used for intelligent cutting 3 meters below subsea in phase four of the Tyra Redevelopment Project.

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