Innovation in a difficult environment in the North Sea

Best Innovators 2019

We are so proud to announce that the Robotic Jacket Crawler, developed in collaboration with Total, was among the global top 10 finalists at the Total E&P Best Innovators awards in Paris. 

Earlier this year, the Robotic Jacket Crawler won Total’s Best Innovators Award in the category of Technical Innovation Solutions for the North Sea and Russia.

From idea to product

As a part of the Tyra Redevelopment, integrity check performed at the Tyra platform’s spider decks located in the splash zone was necessary. SubC Partner were contacted by Total Denmark to engineer a solution. Total asked whether we preferred to perform the work using rope access or divers.

After the first meeting with Total Denmark, our engineers – the very same day - came up with an idea to a tool able to hook onto the structure and equipped with UT equipment for performing the thickness measurement of the tubulars forming the spider deck.

So instead of a more traditional method like using rope access or divers, SubC presented the Robotic Jacket Crawler.

Today the Robotic Crawler system is an invention with endless possibilities and applications.

Learn more about the crawler 

The jacket Crawler, video by Total