Intelligent cutting 3 metres below seabed

Today, Thursday 16th July, the 151 metres long offshore support vessel, Fortitude, sailed towards the Tyra field with SubC specialists and 6 robotic crawlers on board.

We have a complex and critical job ahead of us. The job involves dredging and cutting of steel structures 3 meters below seabed, and it requires an innovative approach since our objective for solving the project is to perform the work without having personnel subsea.

The 6 new robotic crawlers, being up to 3m in diameter, will be launched by ROV, and an area will be dredged to ensure space for the cutting sequence below the seabed.

For cut execution, the crawlers will be fitted with Abrasive Water Cutting Nozzles, which will penetrate the tubular using a mixture of sand and water jetting at ultra-high pressures. Ultrasonic measurements will verify the completeness of the cuts.

This method can also be used for decommissioning of offshore wind turbines.

All about the intelligent cutting method