Abrasive Water Cutting

Intelligent cutting below seabed

A new, innovative way of using the Robotic Crawler. 

For cut execution, the crawlers will be fitted with Abrasive Water Cutting Nozzles, which will penetrate the tubular using a mixture of sand and water jetting at ultra-high pressures. Ultrasonic measurements will verify the completeness of the cuts.

This method improves safety and efficiency since

  • the cutting sequence is done without using divers as the operations is controlled from a control container
  • an ROV can relocate the crawler within the jacket structure to cut at various locations
  • you avoid the risk of a wire being stuck under the weight of a platform while cutting

 Learn more about the cutting method in this short video

SubC used the abrasive water cutting in the summer of 2020, as a part of Tyra Redevelopment in an innovative decommissioning operation of monopiles.


Read the full case


Survey output 1 1 8 2020 21 25 23 WESTMonopile3 v2

Decommissionig of monopiles 2020Monopile1

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