The Robotic COALA

Developed to remove marine growth on deep-water risers and other tubulars.

Agile tool that can tackle obstacles such as fairings and strakes while cleaning.

The COALA is able to move over obstacles as the flex fingers ensure centralization around the member. This centralized effect ensures much more efficient cleaning.

As the robot is self-propelled and remotely operated from a specially designed control container, where advanced control algorithms assist the operator during operation, the COALA is equipped with BlueView sonar and cameras for an excellent overview.

In 2022, comprehensive offshore tests were conducted - with great success - at TotalEnergies and its DUC partner’s Gorm Field in the Danish North Sea.

The tests showed that the COALA cleans and inspects members subsea significantly more efficiently than a standard ROV. In addition, with its availability to ‘grab’ around the member, it could move to the splash zone in 1-meter waves.



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