Subsea Construction

A wide variety of subsea construction
support activities

SubC Partner provides a complete scope coverage for subsea construction. We handle small demobilising, decommissioning, recovery, and survey tasks to complete cable/pipe lay, trenching, PLEM, PLET, and other subsea installations. We cover this through our long value chain of subsea operations, which we can leverage to full scope deliveries across the subsea sector.

When working subsea, we utilize both our standard ROV’s, divers and innovative subsea robotic crawlers. Using these robots, we can work much more efficient to create a better business for our customers, while also reducing the impact on the surrounding environment.

We also couple a full scope delivery with our in-house developed products, such as Cable Protection Systems for Offshore Wind Farms, Abrasion protection systems and valsestations, PLEms, and PLETs.