Expanding with Acquisition of Sahara 4

SubC Partner Expands with Acquisition of Sahara 4

Esbjerg, Denmark – December 19, 2023 – SubC Partner, one of Denmark's leading suppliers to the energy industry, has acquired the buildings at Sahara 4 on Esbjerg Harbor. The acquisition is a major milestone for SubC Partner, which has had its headquarters in Esbjerg since its inception in 2005.

“We are pleased to be able to add Sahara 4 to our portfolio,” said Tonny Klein, CEO of SubC Partner. “This is a strategically important investment that will give us the opportunity to modernize and expand the buildings at the address while also increasing our capacity and efficiency. We are confident that Sahara 4 will be an important part of our future growth.”

With the acquisition of Sahara 4, SubC Partner will consolidate several of its activities at a single address. The company currently has offices in Esbjerg, Fredericia, and Kalundborg, and in total employs 200 people.

“We are experiencing a massive demand for our products and services,” said Klein. “With the acquisition of Sahara 4, we can ensure our employees have more modern facilities and thus make it easier to attract new employees.”

Sahara 4 is a 10,000 square meter facility that is well-suited for the production of underwater robots as well as manufacturing for the entire energy sector. The buildings are located on Esbjerg Harbor, which is an important hub for the entire energy sector.

In total, up to 100 employees work on the premises – divided between office workers, workshops, warehouse, and the company JibFlex.

The acquisition of Sahara 4 is the latest in a series of investments from SubC Partner. In 2023, the company acquired and took over the SH Group's Esbjerg branch activities on Trafikhavnskaj, where the company's hydraulic and valve service takes place.

“We are still focused on investing in our business and growing across our markets,” said Klein. “Sahara 4 is an important step in that direction.”