Fabric Maintenance Contract

SubC was awarded a long-term, Fabric Maintenance Contract (FMC) for TotalEnergies in Denmark along with our partner Altrad.

We are proud to announce today that we have successfully secured the contract for Fabric Maintenance in the Danish North Sea sector. This is a huge milestone for SubC, and we are proud and humbled by the trust laid on us from TotalEnergies. SubC will be delivering PSG and E&C scope to support the offshore operation going forward.

We are delighted to get to work and show off the strong partnership with Altrad here in Denmark

CTO, Rune Værndal, comments on the Fabric Maintenance Contract and partnership with Altrad:

“We are very pleased that our partnership with Altrad has been successful in this contract award. Our ties are strong with Altrad and together we are committed to bringing a new level of service to the Danish Offshore Energy Sector. At the same time, we are honored and humbled by the trust that is placed with us from TotalEnergies This contract will be paramount in securing that the Danish Offshore Energy sector can continue to support and sustain Denmark’s National independence of foreign energy. The contract is effectively also the bridgeway for TotalEnergies to continue their path of CO2 emissions reduction. Something that the New Tyra field is leading the way for. We are delighted to support this journey and we look very much forward to getting to work” says Rune Vaerndal, SubC.