Process Equipment

Specialists in fabricating, repairing,
and installing various kinds of
process equipment

We fabricate and install spools, piping, process equipment, riser flow lines, tie-ins, and complete modules with manual and automated welding processes – for the offshore Oil/Gas industry and the onshore process and refinery industry.

Also, we perform the repair of process equipment, cyclones, tubular heat exchanger, pressure vessels, pig launcher/receiver valves etc.

With our ability to perform pressure tests in-house, we are able to cover the entire value adding manufacturing chain, which allows us to perform a high level of quality, lead time, and price.

Our welding department

The team can handle and supply welding equipment, supply onsite solutions with on-site machine equipment, and all other tools and scaffolding specific for your project. Further, our welding engineering department ensures project specific WPS/WPQR and specific customer requirements are met.

Our in-house welding department is continuously developing customer specific procedures to meet the challenges in the offshore industry.

Our skilled personnel are trained and have significant experience in special welding assignments, automated welding processes and Inconel cladding.


  • Fabrication of spools
  • Fabrication of process modules
  • Fabrication of subsea structures
  • Fabrication of riser and fittings
  • Refurbishment of process equipment
  • Onsite repair of process equipment
  • Overlay welding
  • Inconel cladding

Our facility

Our fabrication is placed in Esbjerg Port. Therefore, are we more than capable of fabricating complex equipment, large structures and heavy equipment.

A safe choice

Our skilled personnel are trained, certified, and approved by DNV in both manual and automated overlay welding processes.