Piping scope

Everfuels HySynergy Power-to-X facility

We were approached with an enquiry for prefabrication and subsequent installation of piping, and piping supports for the Everfuels HySynergy project in Fredericia.

The HySynergy project aims to establish a large-scale production and storage facility of green hydrogen based on water electrolysis with electricity from renewable sources.

The first green hydrogen has already been produced. This a huge step towards commercialising green hydrogen as a clean energy source for industry and mobility.

SubC has a strong track record within projects of piping and process systems. For example, in the North Sea and onshore at Crossbridge Energy Refinery and Din Forsyning, where high standards are required due to the high-risk processes involved. 

From the client’s technical specifications, MTOs, and isometric drawings, SubC fabricated the piping at our workshop at the port of Esbjerg. The pipes are mounted on-site at Everfuel. Moreover, the frames are designed, drawn, and prefabricated by SubC.

SubC’s scope of work

  • Site welding of piping
  • Installation of piping and valves
  • Installation of supports
  • Field joint coating
  • Non-destructive examination of site welds
  • Pressure testing
  • Documentation

The installation is assumed to be performed on a cold system.

In addition to the site works, SubC’s project team will take part in the project management, planning and preparation in cooperation with Everfuel.

A JibFlex is mounted at Everfuel’s production facilities to make all the lifting and mounting of the valves easier and relieve the burden on the personnel, thereby reducing the risk of injuries.