SubC invests in the talents of the future

A strong growth layer and an attractive educational environment are crucial to SubC's success.

As a rapidly growing company, SubC Partner relies on smart and competent employees. In our offices and in our warehouses. Therefore, we also actively invest in supporting the growth layer and educational environment in Esbjerg, where our headquarters is located.

We support E.1

We are happy to support E.1, an innovative digital education platform that promotes well-being, community, and learning. Their vision is to create a more engaging and effective learning environment for all students in Esbjerg and the surrounding area, so we can strengthen Esbjerg's position as an attractive city for students. E.1 also works politically to attract new educations to the city and to make Esbjerg more attractive to students.

Close cooperation with Aalborg University Esbjerg

We have a close cooperation with Aalborg University in Esbjerg on the development of our underwater robots. This collaboration has resulted in us hiring skilled employees directly from the university.

Apprentices and interns

We also have many apprentices and interns associated with our company. Some of them are in the process of completing an education, while others come from elementary school. We see it as an important task to give young people the opportunity to gain relevant work experience and learn about our company. One of those is Sebastian, who is a student at a local elementary school in Esbjerg. This week he has been working alongside Johan in our mechanical engineering department.

Investing in the future

SubC's engagement in the growth layer and educational environment in Esbjerg is an investment in the future. We believe that a strong local talent pool is crucial to our success.

We are proud to be a part of Esbjerg's business community and to contribute to the city's development.