Marine Growth Preventer Rings

A reliable solution that keeps offshore platforms clean and free of biofouling

Powered by wave energy

The MGP (Marine Growth Preventer) rings offer a permanent solution for control of Marine Growth. A clean surface is maintained since the rings are specially designed to withstand the rough environment in the splash zone and subsea.

The MGP rings both remove existing marine growth and prevent their regrowth, where it is most prolific. They are used for monopiles, vertical diagonals and vertical members including conductors, risers, caissons and jacket legs.

Simple, reliable & low-cost 

Marine Growth Preventer rings are a reliable and low-cost engineering solution, powered solely by waves, current forces and its buoyancy. The repeated up and down motion powered by wave energy prevents the settlement and formation of biofouling and keep the surfaces free of marine growth.

The MGP rings are a great example of technology and nature working effectively together to strengthen and protect offshore installations.

Each MGP ring consists of modular plastic components linked by pivotal connections. This enables the size of the MGP rings to be easily modified to accommodate structures of any diameter. The MGP rings can be linked together by vertical plastic linkages, forming a durable and flexible framework, and then called MGP multiple rings.

SubC Partner is IEV's distributor of MGP rings in Denmark and Germany. 

A cost-effective solution for existing and new structures

The MGP rings can easily be assembled and connected around the structural members. Once they are deployed, the rings operate instantly by the natural force and no future intervention is necessary.

Two types of products 

There are single and multiple ring types; designed to different environmental conditions and locations.

In areas, with less current, the MGP rings are driven by waves and its buoyancy. In areas, with high current, a cup driven MGP ring is foreseen.

MGP Rings dong energy2



MGP single ring

The MGP single ring protects inclined components at all water depths and of all orientations provided that there is a suitable free stroke.

MGP multiple ring 

The multiple MGP ring consists of a number of identical MGP rings inter-connected by vertical linkages.

The number and length of the rings are variable and depend on the different conditions, free stroke and dimensions of the members to clean. SubC Partner has been appointed as licensed agents by IEV Group.

MGP Rings removing marine growth