DONG Hejre
Summer Campaign

SubC Partner landed the Summer Campaign in 2017 for DONG Energy on the Hejre platform, which had to be carried out during August/September 2017.

The scope of work

  • Installation of 8 MGP (Marine Growth Prevention) rings on the Hejre jacket from sea level and down to –15m elevation. Working in the splash-zone, we used our rope access technicians.
  • Installation of various lifesaving equipment, comprising: Luminescent signs and tags, powder extinguishers, cabinets for lifebuoys, eyewash stations, cabinets for life suites, various stretchers, first aids kits, and check of escape routes layout.

We were working directly in and above the splash-zone requiring highly skilled rope access technicians, who are in full compliance with the rules and regulation from IRATA.

The duration of the installation was 9 days. During the campaign, we were using one supervisor, one welder, one scaffolder, and six skilled rope access technicians. They were all working continuously until the project was completed.

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