Sea fastening

Design, engineering, fabrication,
and installation of specifically
prepared sea fastenings

...for safe transportation of wind turbine components.

We have extensive experience with sea fastening, where we provide prefabricated sea fastening structures, full mobilization, and demobilization services.

Our team of technicians and engineers help with the design of structures and have an essential understanding of the full fabrication process.

SubC Partner has a significant track record of sea fastening and welding assignments for smaller and larger vessels.

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A safe choice

Our skilled welders are certified and approved by DNV: They have a significant track record of welding applications within the offshore, lifting, and marine industries. All our technicians, project managers, and engineers are working according to the DNV certified ISO 9001:2015 system.

24/7 service

We understand the need for rapid mobilization and handle your projects in our facilities with direct access to quayside. Further, our 24/7 on-call welding team ensure that we can provide an excellent service for sea fastening.