We design and produce a wide portfolio of high strength and low weight aluminum gangways

...with focus on safety, reliability and availability.

At SubC Partner, we strive for better and more reliable solutions. By using our solid experience in this field, we create efficient and easily deployable access systems, which reduce the transfer time and safety.

Offshore Access Products

We continue the effort to expand our series of offshore access products, e.g. we have designed and delivered a solution for extreme wind conditions; A North Sea speciality

Our gangways support all major standards and will increase the level of productivity on-site. Thereby, it contributes to an overall lower cost of energy. Our gangways are specially designed using the latest feedback from customers, who are the market leaders in Offshore Installation Management.

The current standard designs are available and special requests can be met through special designs. Furthermore, are our access solutions available for sale, rental, and as a lease with the options to buy.

The two units in the video are extendable up to 25m

NB, we also design and produce a wide portfolio of steel gangways.

Gangway, safe to work

Gangway, safe to work

Gangway, safe to work

Gangway, safe to work

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