Wire Diamond Cutter

A divertical cutter for the Crawler

Available tool for the Robotic Crawler

The Wire Diamond Cutter is designed to cut and remove tubulars. It is well suited for decommissioning jobs as well as the removal of tubular such as caissons, risers etc. Removal is done safely and controlled; one section at a time.

This Wire Diamond Cutter can be used to remove surplus structures on tubulars. Further, it will remove appendices from the tubular at a fixed distance leaving a minimal drag profile and thereby limiting the forces on the structure.

The Robotic Crawler is able to handle the pipe after cutting and bring the pipe to a secure position on the platform. 

The Vertical Wire Diamond Cutter; from the trials prior to going offshore

The Spider Deck Clean-Up Campaign for Tyra Development

SubC initiated the campaign at Tyra the 18th July 2018, and the last cut was performed the 18th July 2019 - precisely 1 year later.

The past year the Robotic Crawler has completed 124 complicated cuts in the splash zone:

  • 82 vertical cuts on Tyra East (B, C, and E) and Tyra West (B and C)
  • 28 circumferential cuts on Tyra East (B and C)
  • 14 angle iron cuts on Tyra East C

And not least, we recorded 0 incidents in the harsh environment.

As the Robotic Crawler is based on a topside operated access solution, all 124 cuts were performed without personnel in the splash zone. 

Read much more about the Spider Deck Clean-Up Campaign for Tyra Redevelopment

Vertical Wire Diamond Cutter

Vertical cutter

Circumferential Wire Diamond Cutter

Circumferential cutter 2

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