Chemical Injection Module

The project

As a result of our extensive knowledge of high-spec alloys and capabilities in Engineering of structures, SubC Partner was awarded the full fabrication, assembly and testing contract of the chemical injection Module destined for the Statoil Johan Sverdrup development.

The Module was designed and ordered by our customer Kanfa Group, a world-class leader within the development and design of process technologies for oil and gas applications.


The project involved the complete fabrication, assembly and testing of a two-deck structure with a protected environment. The module is built from a skeleton model and stiffened by the use of container style corrugated outer wall. This optimizes weight while keeping weight at a minimum. All design of secondary and tertiary steel was done by SubC in parallel with fabrication. This allowed companies to utilize our different competencies at the best possible level.

SubC was chosen as a supplier for this project because of the requirement for multidiscipline fabrication. The project contains fabrication of Stainless steel (316L), Titanium and 6Mo all in accordance with Statoil’s Technical Requirements.


The Chemical Injection Module was built as a standalone HVAC protected unit in order to minimize OPEX during the expected lifespan. By utilizing HVAC, the work environment has also been increased significantly compared to standard open structure units.

By using our in-house facilities for Production, Testing, Commissioning and Installation, we ensure that the unit is fully compliant with all regulations and specification set out by our customers.

SubC is proud to have been chosen by Kanfa Group to deliver this unit and proud to be a part of the most significant new build on the Norwegian continental shelf for the last decade.

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