Structural steel

Experienced fabricator of complex topside and subsea structures

We fabricate and install structures for the Offshore Wind and Oil/Gas industry.

Our skilled welders are experienced in building structures of the highest standards. They have a long track record of designing and fabricating offshore structures, lifting appliances, subsea structures, skids, and sea fastening structures.

We offer steel solutions from concept through engineering, design and manufacturing to installation. Our innovative team of technicians and engineers can help with the design of structures/equipment and have a great understanding of the full fabrication process.

We are working according to offshore standards and able to perform customized welding procedures fulfilling your requirements.

Our facility

Our fabrication is placed in Esbjerg Port. Therefore, are we more than capable of fabricating complex equipment, large structures and heavy equipment.


We have well-developed produces for working with steel, stainless steel, aluminium, duplex, titanium, Inconel etc. And our team of welding engineers, production managers, and HSEQ managers allow us to provide the highest level of quality and service.