SubC Partner is now moving into the final stage of the Sand Banks Offshore Wind Farm UXO Project, with our Client Vattenfall GmBH.

Comprising two State of the art SubSea Support Vessels (DP2) and extensive setups and spreads, the project has been an amazing achievement from all side, where the Division of SubSea Engineering has been the Executional part.

Many different contractors and divisions of SubC Partner, has been involved in both the operations and mob/de-mob phase(s). Team work and Flexibility has yet again been the Red line, throughout this Major project.
All in all more than 50 personnel has been Fixed to the project, and with an portfolio of Sub Contractors supporting in various stages of the project, the no. might be close to 100.

We have had two Vessels, the Vos Sweet and the Vos Shine engaged in the project with a displaced start up in between – since the 10th of March 2015, where the Mobilization of Vos Sweet commenced in Esbjerg.
The project has been more than successful with it`s many aspects and operational interfaces.

Consisting of both UXO Survey with different investigation tools, such as Airlift and ROV in Offshore Launch and Recovery units to Scrap Removal peel Grap and Explosive Ordinance Experts from all over Europa.

Multiple cultures and mentalities joining together in such a large scale operation, will un-doubtfully force challenges – which we overcame with great effort and persistence.

We have had big appraisals from our Client Vattenfall, and the future perspective for operations looks promising, also potentially leading to closer relations and collaborations.

A big Thanks to all involves so far, it has been an fantastic achievement.



Lars Wigant, Director Subsea Engineering, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , +45 28782377


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