We have a proven track record for delivering a wide variety of subsea UXO/debris activities.

Skills in UXO surveys and clearing:
• Full project management comprising preparation, planning and engineering of UXO projects
• Mobilization and demobilization of efficient and optimized ROV spreads, material and personnel on all types of SSVs (DP and Mooring)
• In-surveys to relocate and confirm the position of the contact
• Uncovering of objects with different setup(s) such as airlifting, dredging and grapping
• Identification of the object with video and classification (geological structure, scrap, etc.)
• Provision of mandatory and key essential personnel, in relation to national standards. I.e. certified EOD experts, subsea supervisors and surveyors
• Sign off certificates and survey data confirming that the respective location and/or segment is clear of UXO
• Scrap/debris removal
• Disposal in accordance with applicable guidelines, regulations and laws
• Out-survey


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