We have a proven track record of delivering a wide variety of seabed survey and levelling activities.

Skills in seabed survey and levelling:
•  Complete project management, comprising preparation, planning and engineering of seabed remedial projects
•  Swift project preparation
•  Mobilization and demobilization of efficient and scope and specific dredging/excavation equipment
•  Swift package solutions for immediate offshore operations
•  Specialized Grap solution(s) for effective levelling of less than delta 10cm in combination with AHC cranes/CSVs
•  Reference and operation of various survey equipment, e.g. Multibeam/sonar with 128x128 beam resolution
•  Continuous monitoring and 3D real-time measuring of seabed condition/depth and slopes
•  Provision of mandatory and key, essential personnel/experts
•  Comprehensive in-survey and out-survey reporting


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