We operate with state-of-art and fully compliant equipment with the highest offshore requirements, which is used on-board platforms and off diving/ROV DP support vessels. Our spreads allow for maximum flexibility as they are compact containerised systems, that can be rapidly mobilised on both vessels and fixed platforms. We operate a fully comprehensive Planned Maintenance System (PMS). The system is fully integrated with our IT and asset management system. 
We also partner specialist third parties for the provision of additional project-specific assets and personnel. In addition, our turnkey solutions incorporate the correct vessel for the project at hand.


For our projects and for our costomers, we develop and test in-house, subsea tools that can enhance the capabilities of our divers and ROVs.

Case Study: Life extension project for an oil rig
We developed advanced structural drilling and plugging tools to be deployed in areas with restricted access.

Case Study: Asset integrity solutions
We developed interfaces to embed state-of-the-art NDT devices into our ROV fleet, such as ACFM, cathodic protection measurement.



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