This solution is developed to repair cathodic protection for submerged structures. Focusing on the lowest cost and highest safety level. The solution substitutes expensive alternative technical solutions and diving operations.

Scope of supply
- Proposal for your anode repair solution (free of charge).
- Engineering and design of your anode repair solution.
- Anodes including clamps fitted for all types of passive anodes.
- Bespoken subsea installation clamping tools for the actual anodes.
- Topside control hardware and software.
- ROV manipulator setup (optional).
- Offshore installation (optional)

The anodes and clamps are designed for the world most extreme conditions according DNV/GL for the North Atlantic area, in compliance with the codes:
- DNV-OS-C101
- DNV-RP-C205
- DNV-RP-B401
In addition any client required codes will be included in the certificate of conformity of each supplied type of anode and clamp.

The patent rights belong to SubC Partner A/S.

Each type of clamp is tested for 10 years full scale load cycles; corresponding to more than 36 million loads cycles.
The actual loads and electrical resistance are recorded and verified for each load.
The electrical resistance is verified to be below 100 mΩ to confirm the mechanical and electrical functionality over life time.

Offshore installation
Bespoken subsea installation clamping tools for the actual anodes for each repair campaign is a part of the standard supply for each of your repair campaigns.
Optional we supply manipulator and power skid. The illustration showing the clamping tool, manipulator and skid mounted on a Saab Seaeye Cougar XT.
Alternative the clamping tool can be handled by third party manipulator arms. 
SUBC can provide the full offshore installation or if preferred the basic setup for the installation as: Anodes, Clamps and Clamping tool. We adapt to your needs.

 Value proposition
- Up to 75% savings compared using other methods.
- Scalable for your global assets.
- No use of divers.
- Designed for most extreme weather condition.
- Short repair period.
- Can be adapted for any size and shape of anode.
- Class conformity (BV, DNV/GL, ABS etc.)
- Possibility of one-stop-shop supplier

To learn more about our Anode Repair Solution please watch our video: AnodeRepSolution v8
Please find our Anode Repair Presentation here:  Anode repair presentation 


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