Aluminium structures

We are experts in designing aluminium solutions for use in harsh environments

SubC Partner design, fabricate and install structures in aluminium, for offshore and industrial use.

We offer aluminium solutions from concept through engineering, design, and manufacturing to installation. Our innovative team of technicians and engineers can help with the design of structures/equipment and they have a great understanding of the full fabrication process.

In our effort to make intelligent aluminium designs, we use 3D modelling, small scale prototyping, and our solid experience of fabrication and installation.

Our engineers, welding engineers, and project managers can ensure that WSP etc. are available. Our HSEQ department ensures that our customer's requirements always are fulfilled.

Our facility

Our fabrication is placed in Esbjerg Port. Therefore, are we more than capable of fabricating complex equipment and large aluminium structures.

A safe choice

Our skilled welders are certified and approved by DNV and have a significant track record of welding applications to the offshore, lifting, and marine industries. 

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