Wire Diamond Cutter Light

Safe and controlled removal

Our Grab & Cutter removes surplus steel structure to ensure enough space for the Robotic Crawler to operate. It is lowered from the topside to the splash zone where it grabs, cuts and removes the steel structure. The removal is done safely and controlled.

Working in the splash zone presents a unique set of challenges. In this zone waves and structure-induced currents are constantly occurring. This makes works more difficult to perform using traditional methods, like rope access and diving. To solve the bulk of these issues, we have developed The Robotic Crawler system which allows access to the structure without having personnel in the splash zone.

The crawler is able to handle the pipe after cutting and bring the pipe to a secure position on the platform. 

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The robotic jacket crawler, video by Total


The Grab & Cutter is often used in combination with our Wire Diamond Cutter Light; 

Video: Wire Diamond Cutter Light & Grabber 

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