At SubC we provide asset integrity solutions to the offshore renewable and Oil & Gas industries. We offer world-class engineering, fabrication, and all offshore services including inspection, reparation, maintenance and installation from the seabed and upwards. We deliver cost-efficient and tailored solutions that meet the individual needs of each customer.

Our Offshore Construction division provide engineering solutions, construction, testing and offshore services to the Oil & Gas and the renewable energy industry. Our expertise, combined with our innovative and flexible approach, ensures the best solutions and services for our customers. Read more about SubC Offshore Construction here.

The Subsea Engineering division provide engineering, testing and project execution services. Our core competences include surface demand diving service, ROV services, application development and testing. Read more about Subsea Engineering here.

Our Vessel & Site Service division offer a high quality services in any situation that may involve plumbing, electrical work, modifications to the hull or deck space. Our services also include fabrication and installation of specifically prepared seafastenings for safe transportation of wind turbine components and units prepared for the Oil & Gas Industry, as well as technical issues or accommodation modifications. Read more about SubC Vessel & Site Service here.

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Here some of our services to the Oil & Gas industry.

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