At SubC we are an experienced fabricators of complex topside and subsea structures. Our Quayside location ensure that even lager structures can be shipped directly from our facilities.
The fabrication process is carried out in our excellent quayside facilities at Esbjerg Port and is supported by experienced and professional project management, QAQC and skilled designers & engineers. Our in-house welding engineering and QAQC ensures the project specific requirements are fulfilled at every time.

Our toolbox is wide-ranging:
• Subsea structures (PLET, PLEM, Valve station, Bend restrictors, Wet parking frames, Clamps etc.)
• Topside structures (Deck extensions, Modules, Skids, lifting equipment, offshore containers, Clamps etc.)

We are experienced working according to offshore standards and are able to perform customized welding procedures fulfilling your requirements.


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Andreas Petersen
Project Manager
Phone: +45 2334 0852

Tonny Klein
Phone: +45 2616 9277

Kent Sarac Hansen
Project Manager
Phone: +45 2126 3484

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