We are specialists in fabricating various kinds of process equipment as spools, subsea spools, risers, flow lines, tie-ins, pressure vessels etc. for the Oil & Gas industry.

We work in duplex, super duplex, SMO254, Inconel 625, S316L, A333, ASTM A694 F65, X65, X60, X52, Titanium CuNiFe etc. Our in-house welding engineering continuously develop and maintains our unrivalled competences within welding and fabrication.

Our extensive knowledge within welding engineering allows us to develop unique WPQR and WPS for special cases and projects, and we continuously develop our range of Standard Welding Procedures to meet the challenges in the offshore industry.

EN 15614 (series)
PED 97/23/EC
API Spec 6A
NACE MR 0175 DS/EN ISO 15156
DNV OS-F-101

We perform repair of process equipment, cyclones, tubular heat exchanger, pressure vessels, piglauncer/receiver valves etc.
• Inspection
• Step-by-step action plan for remediation
• Approved method by third party approval of step by step
• Reconditioning containing welding, inconel weld machining and testing
• As Built documentation

We are flexible, perform fast tarck tasks and customized WPS/WPQR.


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Jørgen Feldberg-Ussler
Project Manager
Mail: jfu@subcpartner.com
Phone: +45 26117670

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