At SubC we have during a decade identified new and cost effective processes for offshore welding and we are capable of sending a team of trained personnel and high-tech equipment to solve your challenges. We can operate all over the world and our team of welding engineers and welding technicians ensures that we have the required knowhow and QA/QC present as well as a back office expertise supporting when needed.

We can perform pre-specified tasks and ensure that our team is well prepared before going offshore and thereby minimize the time and cost of the offshore operation. We can handle multidiciplin projects and have the skills for plan and manage the complete offshore scope.


Among other skills we have specialized in the following focus areas:

Inconel Cladding

SubC Partner have a long track-record performing Inconel cladding of corroded or damaged surfaces. Our special trained operators and welding inspector ensure that or clients always receive a professional service.

We offshore the complete package including:
• Pre inspection
• Step-by-step description of all processes
• Third party approval of documents and execution
• On-site machining
• Preheat/PWHT using induction heating
• Inconel Cladding

Welding of structural steel without Preheat

SubC Partner have developed WPS/WPQR’s without Preheat covering Structural steel in S420 and grades with lower yield strength, with design temperatures down to -40°C. The WPS/WPQR’s are qualified from 5mm to 140mm in material thickness and are fully tested in compliance with international standards such as Norsok M-101, EN/ISO 15614-1 and many customer standards, such as MOTS-12, with supporting CTOD tests to ensure fatigue toughness. The WPS/WPQR’s are intended for structural purposes, but also fulfills Sour Service requirements according to ISO 15156 and NACE. This procedure will reduce time and cost for offshore welding especially on larger structures where the economy gain will be highest due to large weld metal deposits up to 5-6kg/hr and no waiting time for preheat or maintain high interpass temperatures.

Obital welding

SubC Partner have developed Orbital welding systems, based on high quality equipment with customized details and software. The orbital system can be used on circular, oval and linear welds in almost any dimension and most types of materials. The systems are designed to weld buttwelds up to 140mm in thickness, fillet welds and cladding of corrosion resistant surfaces with alloys like Inconel 625 or similar. The advantages of semiautomatic welding is typical 30-40% higher actual deposit rates, higher quality and much lower physical strain for the welder.

Induction heating

SubC Partner have during the last years implemented Induction preheat ensuring a precise and easy adjustable solution that can be monitored and documented. The Miller system has a maximum power output on 35KW, giving a fast and efficient heating through the entire wall thickness at the same time. The heating is approximately 3-4 x faster than conventional belts, with much lower strain in the basematerial, due to similar heating rate through the entire wall. Mounting of induction system is 2-3 x faster than conventional belts, as does not need any insulation and the cable does not get hot, lowering the risk of work injuries.


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