Safe and reliable Walk-to-Work solutions. 

SubC designs and produces a wide portfolio of high strenght low weight aluminium walkways. 
Our designs focus on Safety, Reliability and Availability

Our Access Solutions are available for Sale, Rental and as lease with options to buy. All of our Offshore Access Solutions are priced in our standard price list.
The SubC Acces system portfolio covers the entire offshore personnel transfer market. From small vessels and installations to large permanent bridges with utility transfer.

Motion compensation is available for all extendable systems and can be fitted to permanent systems on request. 

The systems can all be certified according to either customer requirement or to industry standards. 

SubC can deliver according to: 

DNVGL - ST-0358 - Certification of Offshore Gangway for Personnel Transfer

Bureau Veritas - NI 629 -Certification of Offshore Access Systems 

American Bureau of Shipping - Guide for Certification of Offshore Access Gangways


The current standard Deisgns are available, speciel request can be met through special designs. 


Standard Products


25m - Extendable Walkway - DNV/IMO/ISO certified

6 - 35m - Modular Walkway - DNV/IMO/ISO certified



9m - Motion Compensated Walkway (boatlanding replacement) - DNV/IMO/ISO certified




Turn Table - rotation only


Turn Table - Rotation and Foldable



Pilot Access Platform - Foldable 







The history of SubC Offshore Access Solutions

SubC has been producing gangway and access systems since the beginning of the Offshore Wind Industry.
Offshore Wind solutions were first developed in Denmark and the solutions to fit the particular needs of this new business was developed by the people in the business back then. Since then everything has evolved into bigger, better and more reliable solutions. At SubC Partner we have continuously developed our products to match the ever-increasing demands for versatility, reliability and safety from the offshore Wind Industry. 
By using our experience in this field, we have been able to create some very efficient and easily deployable access systems that reduces transfer time and safety.

Today our systems are used by all industries offshore, not just the Offshore Wind Industry. We have successfully expanded our portfolio to cover the entire spectrum of solutions for offshore access. From 4 meters, up to 40 meters, but we will not stop here. 
We always have new products in our pipeline so if you have any specific request make sure to get in touch, we might solve your access problem.






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