SubC Partner to replace production riser buoyancy modules with no downtime

Danish Company SubC Partner has recently won an EPCI project on an FPSO with Maersk Oil in the Dumbarton field in the North Sea, 230 kilometers northeast of Aberdeen. The final goal of the project is to replace selected buoyancy modules on a live riser, without shutting down oil production.

"We are delivering a turnkey solution from the engineering phase where we develop the tools we need for this specific project, to the offshore operations where we will be replacing selected buoyancy modules via ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles)," Gabriele Rampinelli, UK Managing director at SubC Partner, says.

The correct position of the flexible riser buoyancy modules is crucial for the overall production integrity.

"Multiple ROV surveys from 2011 have shown that the existing modules have slipped. If nothing is done we have to assume that they will move further and production will eventually be disrupted, because risers fall outside design specifications and this will result in an expensive complete riser replacement operation," Gabriele Rampinelli explains.

Replacing modules on the live FPSO riser

SubC Partner has extensive experience in design and engineering of ROV applications and operations from several projects. The EPCI project for Maersk Oil is both innovative in its conception but also extremely cost effective in its execution, and should make a significant contribution to optimizing asset performance operationally and economically. This was key in Maersk’s decision to select SubC Partner for this business critical project.

“Traditionally you would have to disconnect the riser to replace buoyancy modules, which means that the FPSO will not be able to process oil while we work on the riser,” Gabriele Rampinelli says.

He continues:
“In this case we are able to work on the FPSO riser without shutting it down because we work with ROV.” The ROV and the special tooling is operated from a DP2 vessel, which is positioned outside the swing circle of the FPSO. This ensure no production down time while repairing the riser.

SubC Partner expects to be able to use their new technology on flexible risers all over the world. They will be exhibiting at SPE Offshore Europe (OE 2015) in Aberdeen from September 8-11. Meet them at the Danish Oil & Gas Technology Group stand no. 1C81.

About SubC Partner:

SubC Partner provides services to offshore projects across the entire value chain. The company was founded in 2005 and its headquarters is located in Esbjerg with branches in UK and Norway.


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