Throughout this late summer/autumn, SubC has been planning, preparing and executing Dive and ROV operation on 3 Offshore Wind Farms, operated by Vattenfall Renewables and DONG Energy.
Scope of Supply comprised one DP2 subsea Support vessel, with (W) ROV and LARS/TMS spread, alongside with a full capable offshore Dive setup.

The Scope of Work was set as, Anode Depletion Estimation on WTG´s, Remedial & Installation work on CRPS system and ROV survey of J-tube inlets for Export transmission – conducted with a combination of Dive and ROV intervention.

The combined project across all three assets was a great success, and even though the Scope on one OWF site, was significantly increased, due to the actual In Situ state of the damaged CRPS.

The teams offshore from SubC and subcontractors worked together very closely and completed the project in due times without any incident, accident or LTI.
Scope of Work were successfully completed, And following Reports and Inspectorial data been handed over to the client.



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