Morten Hessellager Pedersen, chefen for genopbygningen af Tyra-feltet, besøgte fredag SubC Partner og direktør Tonny Klein. Foto: Maersk Oil


The company SubC Partner at the harbor of Esbjerg is already handling projects for Maersk Oil in relation to the gigantic Tyra Future-Project.

Esbjerg: While the oil price is currently soaring in the favor of the oil industry in Esbjerg, many local companies are still looking for the increased activity regarding the Maersk Oil and the DUC-partners DKK 21 billion rebuild of the Tyra-field, which is anticipated to create thousands of work places.

But, projects have already been carried out for more than 200.000 working hours on detailed engineering work at sub-suppliers in Esbjerg and at SubC Partner at the harbor of Esbjerg, they are in the middle of manufacturing larger decks, which must be used for the wellhead platforms, which needs to be repaired on the Tyra-field. This is a project comprising approximately 15.000 welding hours, which has created opportunities for 10 new employees at SubC Partner.

SubC Partner would like more Tyra Future projects, especially special-projects based on development and engineering work, exactly as another project the offshore company is currently solving for the Tyra-Project.

A Special solution.

As already known the entire foundation for rebuilding the Tyra-field is based on the fact the entire chalk layer below the field has sunk in tact with the production of the gas and therefore the platforms are now 5 meters closer to the sea level compared to when it was build. This increases the risk of a gigantic wave reaching the platform itself.

In relation to the prestige project some of the platforms construction, which today is in the plash zone, needs to be checked and the durability tested. In relation to this SubC Partner has developed a remote-controlled tool, which can be controlled from the top of the platform and measure the thickness of the construction in and around the sea level. Thereby it is not necessary to send people on the daring and challenging task and a lot of money is saved at the same time.

The Jacket Crawler by SubC Partner


- It is these types of innovative solutions, SubC Partner among others have great success with, where traditional methods are replaced with innovative solutions. These have advantages in relation to economy and they will replace dangerous work in difficult to reach areas, Tonny Klein explains. Tonny Klein is the co-owner and director of SubC Partner.

Contribution from locals

Friday, he and the colleagues of SubC Partner invited around 40 employees from Maersk Oil to an unformal arrangement to demonstrate innovative and time optimized welding processes, which is used regarding the actual welding projects. So far Morten Hesselager Pedersen, the Chief Responsible for the entire Tyra Future-project is satisfied.

- The rebuild of Tyra represents the largest investment so far in the Danish North Sea and presents opportunities for participation in the project from both Danish and international companies. The work SubC Partner is performing is just one of many examples that local companies contribute with crucial elements in the rebuild.

- The four decks for the wellhead platforms, which are currently being manufactured here in Esbjerg, represents a critical part of the project as they will enable the re-use of the existing foundation of the four platforms. In addition to the manufacturing of the decks it is important to us that SubC has been able to contribute with an innovative solution, which improves safety but also saves money, Morten Hesselager Pedersen explains.


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