The Jacket Crawler

SubC Partner recently landed the EPCI Contract for a NDT Clamp for a Platform in the Danish Sector, which consist of development of a method for performing thickness measurement of structural steel in the splash zone.

The scope of work comprises:

  • Full concept study
  • Detailed design
  • Manufacturing
  • FAT & Training
  • Offshore operation 

We must work directly in the splash zone, where we are constantly struggling with waves crashing over the structure making access and work more difficult to perform using traditional methods, like Rope Access and Diving. Therefore, we have developed The Jacket Crawler will allow access to the structure without having personnel in the splash zone. The Jacket Crawler will be able to hook on to the structure and crawl to the required position where it can perform the needed work, removing marine growth and making thickness measurements afterwards. The system is based on a topside operated access solution, allowing operation from a safe position.

 The Spider Deck

The actual thickness measurement offshore must be carried out starting from February 2018.

The Jacket Crawler is designed as a tool platform, with endless possibilities to attach tools and equipment, like cleaning equipment for marine growth, thickness measurement, Eddy Current Testing of welds, cutting tools, sandblasting and painting etc. 

For more details please contact: 
Tonny Klein, Director and Partner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +45 2616 9277 or visit

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